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A Step By Step Guide to Rustic Interior Design

Is there any place more inviting than a cottage window seat in the Springtime, or an open log fire for colder nights? Fill your home with small touches to give that cosy feeling to any space with rustic interior design!

In carpentry, the term ‘rustic’ describes a roughened surface, or deeply sunk joints. However, in modern day interior design, the word has come to describe any item or setting that holds the charm of the countryside. To achieve a rustic home, you don’t need wooden beams or an open fireplace: simply use these decorating tips to bring rustic solace to any family home.

If you adore the classic home look and envision making memories in a beautifully traditional setting, use this guide to spruce into yester-year!

Chunky wood

Add wooden furniture

Thick, chunky wood is a great selection for a rustic home. From bed frames to dining tables, consistent wooden decoration is a sure way to make your rooms feel cozier and more traditional.

The type and color of the wood is down to you, but for the ultimate simplistic living, go for elm or mango wood. Both have highly textured appearances and are structurally strong.

Varied textures and colours

Mix mediums

Plaid tablecloths and cushion covers may jump to mind, as well as faux fur and check blankets. However, when creating this look from scratch or converting from a totally different style, it can be difficult to accessorise the room to reach its rustic potential.

Mixed patterns, fabrics and colors provide a room with depth and character. Selecting carefully from what’s on offer will make sure you have all the ingredients to create the look and feel you want. Whites, greys, and browns are all great base colors – but splashes of reds and warm coral tones will win you some rustic points!

Interior home framework

Take advantage of the framework

Stay stylish with column radiators, exposed piping, exposed brick, textured or weathered tiles, and classic Rangemaster oven and stove. Consider what makes your space unique and how to take advantage of naturally-occurring “imperfections” that will add rustic design.

Give some thought to your water system too. Water taps can easily throw off a room’s décor and so, are worth investing in to fit the rustic style. Copper and rubbed bronze are popular choices, but for something more versatile, stick to matte black. Exposing the framework of the home is a great way to enhance rusticity. If you don’t have a great base but have your heart set on country-chic, fake it until you make it!

If you’re styling a complete rustic makeover, choose antique stoves and refrigerators in a bright and inviting color. This will become your feature color in appliance-heavy rooms; which will allow you to select and purchase suitable and stylish accessories.


Utilise multiple sources of light

Candlelight and muted tones suit the rustic, cozy atmosphere in times of relaxation. However, be sure to install a practical lighting system alongside feature lighting and use each selectively. Sunken ceiling downlights are a good choice for lighting that fits seamlessly into any room.

Professional interior design for rustic homes

“Help, I need an awesome interior designer to help me achieve the french-countryside-farmhouse aesthetic!”

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Rustic Interior Design

A summary…

Rustic rooms are timelessly beautiful. They are quickly becoming popular in city locations, bringing the peace of the countryside to the family home. Get on board with this step-by-step guide to the perfect rustic interior!

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