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What could

The Creative Difference

do for you?

“I only take on a project when I’m confident I can meet and exceed expectations.”

-Jordan Marie

Specialising in blog content & management

The chef-special at The Creative Difference: allow me to create evergreen articles that echo your brand’s voice and are unique to you. Never worry about uploading, scheduling, or publishing, with complementary (optional) CMS management.

Interesting topics and titles? Check! Motivating calls to action? Check! Flawless structure and form? Check!

The one-stop-shop for more than content

Check out my full service menu ranging from vlog-to-blog transitions, to content mapping, to logo design. I aim to provide a comprehensive service that’s easy to navigate and saves you time and money.

No matter what your digital demands, The Creative Difference can trim the proverbial fat to give you targeted results that speak for themselves.

Discounted bundles for your convenience

Choose a regular content bundle or build your own to customise your digital content needs and get exactly what you need to see consistent, cumulative growth. Each bundle has been created with evidence-based research to guarantee success.

Request an honest recommendation for your business or select a pre-made bundle to fulfill your digital needs.

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What makes

The Creative Difference

truly different?

“Writing, grammar, and language are a part of my personality; just as I’m sure your business is a part of yours.”

-Jordan Marie

A fresh perspective and an eye for detail

Accuracy and originality are of the upmost importance when conveying a written message to your loyal customers.

Guarantee they marvel at the amazing advice and anecdotes, not stumble over your sentences. Be sure to stand out in a market full of recycled content and overused ideas.

Intuitive, inspirational and inclusive

Whether it’s a self-help article or a call-to-action, your business needs words that motivate, ooze inspiration, and leave them with that feel good feeling.

Transform your blog page into a community of positivity and a happy haven for each and every reader.

A tone that’s unique to your brand

A consistent and familiar brand voice is a superpower when it comes to relatability and reliability. Always mirroring your brand values, I create a voice that’s disruptive, humorous, and inclusive.

With every word, I endeavour to become your reader’s educator, entertainer, informant, and friend.